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You need French for a new position, a presentation, or for meetings/negotiations with international colleagues and partners.

You want bespoke classes to suit your busy schedule.

And you wouldn't mind understanding the cultural differences as well!

I’m a French native speaker, with expert knowledge of English, and I specialise in teaching French to British adult learners (and English to French speakers).

I build packages and courses around your needs, so you can:

  • save time and energy,

  • increase sales and revenue,

  • strengthen your business relationships.

'Without a doubt Caroline has made a huge difference to my FrenchEvery lesson is completely bespoke. I really like this targeted approach, we're not following a generic teaching plan, the teaching plan is 100% structured around my strengths and weaknesses.'

Ben F.

My unique collaborative method is based on my own learning experience – I'm trilingual –  and will help you take chargeactively learn, and feel confident:

For more details on my teaching method: case study  1 - John and case study 2 - Emma

If you would like a quote or book your first free lesson, don't hesitate to send me an email.

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I became a teacher because I love languages, I'm a natural communicator, and love nothing more than seeing my students empowered with language.

  • French and trilingual (French, English, Italian).

  • 20+ years of teaching experience, including at university.

  • Former manager of a publishing company.


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