Image by Jonatan Pie


You are not bad at languages, you simply haven't been taught properly !

You spent 7 years at school learning rules and set sentences, with hardly any speaking or listening practice, and without necessarily being showed that a language is meant to be spoken and making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process.

Learning a language doesn't have to be painful or boring. In fact, it's like driving a car:

The method I created is based on my own learning experience – I'm trilingual – is collaborative, and will help you:

  • understand the learning process, so you can take charge, actively learn, and feel confident,

  • use your interests and hobbies to learn, meaning half the comprehension work is done already and you're having fun,

  • let go of the fear of making mistakes and of embarrassment.

​I teach adult learners privately and offer tailored teaching services to companies: