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You have always wanted to write a novel, you have ideas, but you don't know where to start.

Or you have started your novel, but you’re not enjoying it as much as you thought you would, because you’re not clear about the process and wish you had signposts and guidance.


This easy and detailed course focuses on getting you properly started. It shows you how to

turn a rough idea into a story by creating tools that will give you clarity, direction, and confidence
in your writing.


It includes:
- 31 lectures and 2 hours of content
- Detailed guidance on how to create your story, characters, and plot
- Writing tools to tailor to your own needs

You will be able to re-use those tools for other novels and you will never start a new story with the fear of the blank page.


Please note this course is not for experienced writers, aspiring non-fiction writers or aspiring poets and playwrights.


''From Idea to Story: Novel Writing Made Easy" made me understand many important aspects of the novel writing process. If I was to write a list of important takeaways from this course, it would be a really long list... This  course is highly recommended to anybody who is interested in writing to get that first nudge or push to get the whole process started in a  smooth, steady and consistent way. I'm a happy very man because I have completed this course and I feel that much more confident. Thank you once again, Caroline.''
Chethak MP

"This course was well presented, retains one's interest and is most informative. It covers the creative process and practical matters surrounding writing fiction and includes some really useful practice exercices that will help you to find your own writing voice."

Karen Prince

''I’ve tried and failed to complete writing courses in the past but this one is different. It takes you into the depths of the writer’s mind, giving renewed insight into the actual process of writing a novel. Not only is the course encouraging and to-the-point, it’s also practical with simple but effective templates and exercises. Caroline brings the process of writing a novel to life, so much so that by the end of the course I felt like something had lit up and I was ready to start writing again in earnest.''

Anita Cullum

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