​​Mention the word ‘creativity’ and you will very likely be faced with perplexed or sceptical stares. To many it seems elusive, mysterious even, and is therefore completely outside their reach. To some, it's an illusion, a myth. And, on the whole, creative people are seen as established artists with a fertile imagination, finely-honed skills and a boundless capacity for self-torture. With such a take on the subject, one cannot be blamed for dismissing creativity entirely!


I believe that creativity can be found in everyday life and doesn’t require external validation, that being creative is fun and good for us and helps us connect with one another on a deep, personal level.


I believe that we are all born with the potential to be creative and that potential is most of the time unrecognised, untapped, and unvalued.


I also believe that creativity is not just about writing stories or creating a work of art, that it manifests itself in many often unseen, day-to-day, forms that are worth exploring and discussing.

With my bi-monthly podcast, entitled The Creativity for All Podcast, I’m keen to:

  • explore creativity in all its forms,

  • debunk many myths about creativity, such as being for the chosen few, unreachable, expensive and painful,

  • show that creativity is for everyone and is accessible,

  • create a vibrant and inspiring community of like-minded people from all over the world.

The Creativity for All Podcast alternates solo episodes, focusing on a particular theme, with guest episodes, with all manner of creative people discussing their take on creativity and what creativity means to them.


My podcast is designed for anyone tempted to pursue a creative path or who’s already being creative. It’s also designed for those of you who think they are not creative or can never be creative. I would love to change your mind about that!

SEASON 1 - The origin of creativity

​I'm a fiction writer, language teacher and writing mentor. Writing is my vocation. I'm passionate about all things creative and endlessly curious about the creative process.


I'm looking forward to celebrating the many unseen and unrecognised forms of day-to-day creativity in my podcast. And, in the process, I hope to inspire listeners to tap into their own creative potential.

SEASON 2 - Nurturing our creativity

​​© 2019 Caroline Jestaz


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