Episode 10. Embracing uncertainty in creativity with Kate Spence

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Ceramics by Kate Spence
Ceramics by Kate Spence

Today's guest is Kate Spence. Kate is an archaeologist, academic and moonlight potter. She went to her first pottery evening class with her mother, as a teenager, and has taken it up again in 2017. She produces tableware at Kiln Cambridge, working alongside a wonderful community of like-minded makers, and enjoys throwing on a potter's wheel and experimenting with glazing.

She's interested in the role of ceramics in everyday rituals surrounding the preparation and sharing of food, and the way relationships are formed with and through ceramics. She's also fascinated by the role of creativity within an ancient craft with long-established traditions, and the opportunities that creativity offers us daily.

Kate describes her creative approach in helping her students explore their own ideas and how pottery has given her the freedom to play, but also taught her to embrace uncertainty and re-evaluate her take on a 'ruined piece'. Not only is she passionate about her craft and creativity, but you’re going to learn a lot about pottery, so I hope you will enjoy this episode.

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Kate's Instagram: @katespenceceramics

Kiln Cambridge

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