#2. Learning and creativity with Helen Murray

Updated: Jul 3

In this episode of the Creativity for All Podcast – the first guest episode of Series 1 about the origin of creativity – I'm talking to Helen Murray

Helen is passionate about facilitating learning and development and is a qualified teacher and education development advisor. She’s also a home-educating parent who values freedom, self-direction and consent in education.

She's interested in learning as a creative process, which makes her the ideal first guest on my show. She’s an original thinker and in the seven years I’ve known her, there isn’t a single conversation we’ve had that hasn’t left me with food for thought, especially on the subject of creativity.

Helen and I talk about active learning, how to encourage children to be creative, about boredom as a trigger for creativity and the freedom to be creative, among many other topics, so I hope you will enjoy our discussion.

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