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Online Teaching - French, English, Italian & Creative Writing

I am a trilingual (French/English/Italian) teacher with 20 years of experience at university, in language schools and giving private tuition. I'm also a fiction writer with four novels under my belt.


I teach French, English and Italian to students of all ages and levels:

  • preparing them for exams, job interviews or a move to France / GB / Italy,

  • creating detailed programmes tailored to their needs, focusing in equal measure on speaking, listening, reading and writing,

  • using a wide range of supports (videos, films, podcasts, websites etc.) to make classes engaging and give regular breaks from grammar.

'Caroline is quite an exceptional teacher. She is adept at constructing lessons to make the most effective use of time while maintaining an atmosphere of care and humour which makes the work so much more enjoyable.' Bryan Ward

‘Caroline completely built up my confidence and inspired me to really want to learn French and keep on learning it. I learnt so much in such a short amount of time, I wish she could be my teacher for ever.’ Thea Dansie

''Caroline is a truly engaging tutor. Her love for languages and teaching is clearly evident with her enthusiastic and fun method of delivery. After a few failed to learn French since school, she gave me the confidence and belief that I could succeed. Unlike previous tutors, this was not just a job for her, but a vocation! She's always quick to help and respond outside class. Inspirational!'' Clive S.

The first lesson is free. Tuition fees are paid upfront at the beginning of each month and there's a 48h cancellation policy.


I've written four novels, two in French and two in English. I've led courses with Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) and the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and use both my experience as a teacher and fiction writer to help aspiring writers:

  • acquire sound writing tools and practices,

  • find/sharpen their voice,

  • develop the structure of their text, whether fiction or non-fiction.

I'm currently running online creative writing workshops built around a set of fun, short exercises, short enough to silence the inner critical voice and spur students on, followed by constructive feedback and open discussion.

''Caroline was the turning point in my becoming an author.'' Mari Williams

''I know Caroline from the Cambridge Community Arts Creative Writing Course she was teaching. Caroline is an extremely encouraging, supportive tutor who really helped me feel inspired and nurtured my creativity. I would definitely recommend Caroline to help bring out that inner creative in you!’'' Nat B.

''Caroline is a passionate and inspirational teacher, she is thoughtful and creative in her approach and methods. I have loved her classes and recommend her to anyone wishing to expand their imagination and creativity.'' Katie K.

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