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What’s a typical lesson with Caroline like?
Each lesson starts by answering any questions or addressing any concerns my student might have, followed by conversation, exercises, and a wide range of activities to consolidate the last language point learnt during the previous lesson and explore a new one, which is closely related to the former. The idea is to build the language starting with strong linguistic foundations to give my student not only confidence, but a clear understanding of the learning process.

To get a better sense of my approach, you can read testimonials from current/former students.

How much work will I have to do ahead of a lesson?
At the end of every lesson, I recommend reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises covering the new language points and helping you revised previous points. The more you integrate language learning to your everyday life by practising all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) on a regular basis, the quicker your progress will be. 

What if I didn’t have time to do the work between lessons?
It happens! And in that case, I will make sure that the lesson gives you the opportunity to consolidate your learning, before moving on to a new language point. 


Who is purchasing the books?
Students receive a list of books to purchase and it’s their responsibility to order the material as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I provide the necessary learning material covering the first couple of lessons.

Which books and content will I use?
The books and simplified reading I recommend are all in French and are made for students learning the language, which means that, even at a beginner level, they're easy to use. They all include a CD with listening practice and links to additional content online. I also recommend films, seriesdocumentaries, podcasts, articles, posts, apps, etc. In between lessons, my students often receive a link to a new French series, movie, or article that I think they might enjoy watching/reading.


What if I can’t speak?
You might think that you can’t, because of previous experiences, or because it’s hard to imagine yourself speaking when you haven’t started the course yet, but every student can speak, even if it’s a little every time

My aim is to help them get used to formulating an idea, using different tools than the ones they use when speaking in their mother tongue and to bypass the fear of sounding odd or making mistakes.


I offer them a safe learning space where mistakes are learning opportunities and communication (as opposed to 'perfect' sentences) is what matters the most.

I know reading is important when learning a language, but I don’t like fiction and have little time to read anyway.
In that case, I will recommend blogs, articles, and texts on topics that you know and like to make the reading/comprehension easier.


I have learning difficulties. Can I still learn a language?
Absolutely! I have taught students who are dyslexic and who've learned French just as well as my other students. If you share with me what helps you learn and what you find challenging, I will adjust my teaching to your needs accordingly

How will I know if I’m making progress?
The beauty of language learning is that you can tell you’re making progress, without asking your teacher. That said, throughout the module, I enjoy reminding students of their progress, and asking them to look back at the beginning of the course, so they can fully gauge the extent of their progress. And of course, I also identify language points which need consolidating through exercises and writing practice with one idea in mind: ensuring my students make the most of their learning and feel confident when interacting in French.


How long are the lessons?

Lessons can be 1h or 2h-long, it depends on the schedule and needs of my student. Please note that my teaching packages include a minimum of 8h.

Will my level be assessed at the end of the course?
Yes, I give my students a detailed assessment, which is included in the email sent to conclude the course. 

When should I let you know If I can’t attend the lesson?
The sooner the better. Please note that no refund will be offered if the contract is cancelled less than 48 hours before the first lesson is due to start.


For more information: Terms & Conditions

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