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The Creativity for All Podcast is a bi-monthly show designed to explore creativity in all its forms and hosted by me, Caroline Jestaz.


I'm a fiction writer, language teacher and writing mentor and I believe that we are all born with the potential to be creative and that potential is most of the time unrecognised, untapped and unvalued. Every other Monday, I explore and celebrate the many forms of day-to-day creativity, either focusing on a key topic in my solo episodes or interviewing in my guest episodes all manner of creative people, who share their take on creativity and what being creative means to them.

I’m currently looking to work with businesses and individuals which align with the ethos and values of The Creativity for All Podcast. The bi-monthly podcast reaches a loyal and devoted audience of creative listeners who are are passionate about creativity and curious about the world.

I am currently looking to partner with brands that I believe could help make the listener’s lives easier, more inspiring, interesting and impactful. To discuss sponsoring The Creativity for All Podcast, please email me at caroline [at] blueasanorange.com.

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