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Really want to give a shout out to my wonderful French Teacher, Caroline Jestaz. Caroline is an exceptional teacher who builds bespoke packages for executives, companies and individuals who want to improve their communication skills and build confidence in French. As a previous company director, she understands time pressure and maximises learning to its fullestHer patient approach and ability to teach at all levels has blown my mind, this is learning but not like you have experienced beforeIf you need French for business, for client interactions or simply want to improve your language ability, please get in touch with Caroline, you will not regret your decision.

Alan Clarke

I enjoy learning French with Caroline. Lessons are fun and varied and she’s adept at explaining grammar clearly, while making the most of every minute of our lessons. Caroline’s passionate about language learning and about empowering her students with language they can use immediately, so she’s always getting me to write and practise sentences to use in a business setting. Her lessons have helped me strengthen my personal relationships with family in France and develop more meaningful business relationships with our French partners.

Michael Heaslip

Caroline is warm, personable, and hugely experienced. She has a natural way of putting students at ease and setting a non-judgmental environment that's conducive to learning. Superb!
Sarah Day

Without any hesitation, Caroline is the best English and French teacher I've ever had. She gives her best to her students. She puts a lot of energy in encouraging them to gain confidence and become independent speakers. She also provides a very detailed and structured programme. I consider myself lucky to have been one of her students.

Dana Muhader

Caroline is quite an exceptional teacher. She is adept at constructing lessons to make the most effective use of time while maintaining an atmosphere of care and humour which makes the work so much more enjoyable.
Bryan Ward


Without a doubt Caroline has made a huge difference to my French. Every lesson is completely bespoke as is any homework. She sets me an assignment and depending on how I do, the next lesson focuses on my immediate weaknesses / knowledge gaps. I really like this targeted approach, we're not following a generic teaching plan, the teaching plan is 100% structured around my strengths and weaknesses (mainly weaknesses in my case). She has introduced me to lots of internet resources for home study and recommended many French TV series on Netflix, C4 etc. I really enjoy my lessons and plan to continue having them with Caroline for a long time.

Ben Freeman

Caroline is a truly engaging teacher. Her love for languages and teaching is clearly evident with her enthusiastic and fun method of delivery. After a few failed to learn French since school, she gave me the confidence and belief that I could succeed. Unlike previous teachers, this was not just a job for her, but a vocation! She's always quick to help and respond outside class. Inspirational!
Clive Sandhurst

Language learning is a lengthy journey, full of twists and turns, and if you do decide to embark on one, you surely want a great companion along the way to guide you and make you embrace the peculiarities of the language and the culture. I’ve been learning French with Caroline for over three years and my linguistic journey has been nothing short of exciting discovery and joy. Being not only a brilliant linguist herself, Caroline is also a great tutor, who knows how to turn a lesson into a fun and knowledge-packed activity. We never run out of topics to discuss, exercises to do and new vocabulary to learn. And Caroline’s personalised approach will guarantee you will make the most out of every minute of the lesson.

Liuba Kamynina

Caroline is wonderful at making students feel safe and supported. With her everything feels like it’s a way to learn, even if it's about making mistakes (especially if it's about making mistakes) and she's so good at helping students find out the 'why' of their language learning, and connecting it to their passions. I think she's a great teacher who really cares.

Lyndsay Roberts

I am currently learning French with Caroline. She is very patient (which she needs to be with me), and knowledgeable. Her lessons are fun and challenging (which I enjoy), and as a result, my French has improved immeasurably. My confidence in speaking and understanding French grows every lesson. I can thoroughly recommend her as a tutor.

Richard Pascall

Caroline has a wonderful ability to bring language learning to life in a way that takes it beyond the academic and makes it accessible. She had me speaking French from the very first lesson using whatever words I had, which is testament to a teaching approach that inspires confidence and equips students with the building blocks they need to become proficient in a new language.

Hanna Ziady

I was part of a small group Caroline tutored in French earlier this year. Caroline has a great focus on getting people talking in French and gaining confidence in the language. Her knowledge of teaching and supporting learners are her greatest attributes. Great empathy with students – highly recommended.

Ian Miller


Caroline is an excellent teacher. In my experience, she cares about my future in studying French at university. She's passionate at boosting confidence when needed.

Ellora Kidger


Caroline has helped me progressed so much through the last year. She's patient and very good at explaining ideas and concepts that I find difficult in a way that makes them much more accessible to me. I always feel comfortable and supported in her lessons and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn a language in a nurturing environment that will drive them to work hard, and achieve noticeable and more than satisfactory results.

Nuala Arthy

Caroline completely built up my confidence and inspired me to really want to learn French and keep on learning it. I learnt so much in such a short amount of time, I wish she could be my teacher forever.
Thea Dansie


My level of French has soared over the last eight months, thanks to a combination of Caroline's excellent instruction and the hard work I have dedicated to my lockdown project. She's very friendly and encouraging, but also quite strict. She will praise me when praise is due and encourage me, but she will give me constructive criticism and a friendly ' kick up the back side' if she feels that I could do better. She is very good at picking up my repetitive mistakes and spotting when I'm avoiding, or just not using, certain constructions or grammatical points. I would recommend Caroline to anyone. She's a consummate professional and I'm so pleased that I found her!

Melissa Meyers 

Caroline makes me feel engaged and supported. Her classes are fun and, with her, grammar becomes easy! I now feel confident enough to converse with native speakers.
Stefano Lombardi

Caroline was a great tutor who really helped me improve my French grammar and conversation. Very reliable and highly recommended.
Jane C.

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