''Caroline is quite an exceptional teacher. She is adept at constructing lessons to make the most effective use of time while maintaining an atmosphere of care and humour which makes the work so much more enjoyable.''
Bryan Ward

''Caroline is a truly engaging teacher. Her love for languages and teaching is clearly evident with her enthusiastic and fun method of delivery. After a few failed to learn French since school, she gave me the confidence and belief that I could succeed. Unlike previous teachers, this was not just a job for her, but a vocation! She's always quick to help and respond outside class. Inspirational!''
Clive S.

''I've been learning French with Caroline for over a year now and can definitely say she's a superb tutor, who does her best to tailor the sessions to her student's needs. Extremely intelligent, so you'll never run out of topics to discuss.''

Liuba K.

''Without any hesitation, Caroline is the best English and French teacher I've ever had. She gives her best to her students. She puts a lot of energy in encouraging them to gain confidence and become independent speakers. She also provides a very detailed and structured programme. I consider myself lucky to have been one of her students and found her online lessons very useful.''

Dana M.

''Caroline is a wonderful teacher. I really feel that she works hard to understand me as an individual, how I learn and how to challenge me in a productive way. Lessons are fun and she is an interesting and warm person, who really understands how to teach languages. I would definitely recommend her.''

Lyndsay R.

''Caroline makes conversational French accessible. The way she teaches French equips you with the tools you need to get talking almost immediately! Her teaching also gives you a good big-picture sense of the French language, and the rules that govern it, which makes self-study easier. I would highly recommend her as a French tutor.''

Hanna Z.

''I was part of a small group Caroline tutored in French earlier this year. Caroline has a great focus on getting people talking in French and gaining confidence in the language. Her knowledge of teaching and supporting learners is her greatest attribute. Great empathy with students – highly recommended.''

Ian M.


''Caroline is an excellent teacher. In my experience, she cares about my future in studying French at university. She's passionate at boosting confidence when needed.''

Ellora F.


''Caroline has helped me progressed so much through the last year. She's patient and very good at explaining ideas and concepts that I find difficult in a way that makes them much more accessible to me. I always feel comfortable and supported in her lessons and would highly recommend her as a teacher.''

Nuala A.

''Caroline completely built up my confidence and inspired me to really want to learn French and keep on learning it. I learnt so much in such a short amount of time, I wish she could be my teacher for ever.''
Thea Dansie

''Caroline makes me feel engaged and supported. Her classes are fun and, with her, grammar becomes easy! I now feel confident enough to converse with native speakers.''
Stefano Lombardi

''Caroline was a great tutor who really helped me improve my French grammar and conversation. Very reliable and highly recommended.''
Jane C.

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