I have a Master of Philosophy in Textual and Visual Studies from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Master's Degree in English Literature from Nanterre Paris X. I have been writing fiction in French and English since 2007, working part-time to embrace my vocation. I write accessible literary fiction, weaving in different narratives and viewpoints and exploring themes such as grief, loss, projection, manipulation and deceit. All my stories contain an element of suspense, without providing all the answers, and raise questions which, I believe, are relevant to our shared human experience.


I’m passionate about writing, whether it's novels or short stories. I love developing the psychology of my characters, crafting the plot as I write, while letting the story, at times, take me by surprise. Creating stories to share with others has not only given me joy, but also strength and confidence in myself.

I have written two novels in English: Not to Hold (2018) and Heading for the Wall (2014) and two novels in French: L’éloge de l’ombre (2011) and Décalé (2020).

I mentor aspiring writers and have led six-week creative writing courses, as well as workshops, with Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) and the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA). I am currently running online workshops in central Cambridge. I've also designed an online writing course.

You can listen to my interview on the Couragemakers Podcast (Google Podcasts / Apple Podcasts), sign up for my blog to receive news and articles about the writing process and creativity or listen to The Creativity for All podcast.

The Creativity for All Podcast

A bi-monthly podcast, alternating solo episodes and guest episodes, exploring creativity in all its forms.

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