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I was born into a literary family and spent my childhood devouring books. Unsurprisingly, I wanted to be a writer from a very early age. However, I managed to convince myself that I couldn’t write – without properly trying, I should add – until 2007, when I attended a creative writing workshop in Cambridge and realised I had ideas worth writing about.


Had it not been for the workshop and the kind, safe space it offered, I wouldn't have got started with my first novel. I have written five novels and fully embraced my vocation since.

I run series of online creative writing workshops built around a set of fun, short exercises, short enough to silence the inner critical voice and spur students on, followed by constructive feedback and open discussion.


''Caroline was the turning point in my becoming an author.''
Mari Williams

''Caroline is an excellent teacher. She helps you get the vague ideas in your head on to paper. She enables you to expand and develop them and guides you through the process. She focuses not only on the creative ideas but on the process of getting to printing, looking at structure, content and layout, which in turn helps to guide your thoughts. I recommend her to anyone I meet who is interested in writing creatively.’''
John W.

''I know Caroline from the Cambridge Community Arts Creative Writing Course she was teaching. Caroline is an extremely encouraging, supportive tutor who really helped me feel inspired and nurtured my creativity. I would definitely recommend Caroline to help bring out that inner creative in you!’''
Nat B.

''Caroline is a passionate and inspirational teacher, she is thoughtful and creative in her approach and methods. I have loved her classes and recommend her to anyone wishing to expand their imagination and creativity.''

Katie K.

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