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I'm an experienced linguist, editor, and novelist, and I'm keen to empower learners with language and storytelling.

  • I offer high-quality editorial/translation services.

  • With my online writing and language workshops, seminars and courses, I aim to turn adult learners into confident, independent speakers/writers.

  • I tailor all my services to adapt to the needs of the learner and ensure an accessible, committed, and collaborative learning experience.

  • I use my own learning experience to not only deliver clear, manageable learning steps, but to explain the method I use.






If you would like to work with me, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or to email me at caroline [at] blueasanorange.com. You can also sign up to my blog to receive articles and news, and listen to my podcast.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Creative Writing


A former editor an publisher, I edit and analyse any type of texts (article, newsletter or a piece of fiction)

Information & reviews



I am translate documents of any type and length, French/English and English/French

Information & reviews

Language Teaching

​I teach French, English and Italian to adult students
of all levels and offer tailored training services to companies.

Information & students' reviews

My Blog

My latest post about language learning

You know more than you think you dog

The Creativity for All Podcast


A bi-monthly podcast, alternating solo episodes and guest episodes, exploring creativity in all its forms. 

Latest Episode

Why Blue as an Orange?

The name comes from ‘The earth is blue as an orange’, the first line of a famous poem by French surrealist poet, Paul Eluard, and by far the most intriguing opening line ever written. It's also the perfect excuse to use my two favourite colours for the design of this website!

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