​Do your employees need help with languages?

Are they struggling during meetings/negotiations with your international partners and colleagues?

Would you like them to consolidate their writing skills?


I’m a French native speaker with expert knowledge of English, and I specialise in teaching French to British adult learners (and also English to French adult learners).


I offer bespoke courses to help your employees:

  • consolidate their knowledge of French grammar,

  • sharpen their presentation skills,

  • practise their pronunciation,

  • master key language to communicate and negotiate,

  • acquire sound writing tools and practices,

  • understand cross-cultural nuances and differences,

  • take the DELF and DALF exams,

  • prepare for their move to France / French-speaking countries,

  • become confident, independent communicators.​

Teaching platforms: video conference and/or by telephone.

​Format: one-to-one or small groups (max. 3 participants), either as an intensive course or with classes spread across a determined period.

Every package listed includes:

  • A language assessment at the beginning and the end of each course.

  • Practical tasks / exercises.

  • Information sheets.

  • Study guides.

  • Reference lists.

Each package can be modified (duration, length, content, etc.), to meet the needs of your staff.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, don't hesitate to send me an email.


''Caroline is quite an exceptional teacher. She's adept at constructing lessons to make the most effective use of time, while maintaining an atmosphere of care and humour, which makes the work so much more enjoyable.''

Bryan W.

''Caroline is warm, personable, and hugely experienced. She has a natural way of putting students at ease and setting a non-judgmental environment conducive to learning. Superb!''

Sarah D.

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I became a teacher because I love languages, I'm a natural communicator, and love nothing more than seeing my students empowered with language.

​I teach adult learners privately and offer tailored teaching services for companies:

  • French and trilingual (French, English, Italian).

  • 20+ years of teaching experience, including at university.

  • Former manager of a publishing company.

More about my teaching approach: 'The creative approach to language learning' (on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts).


If you would like a quote or book your first free lesson, don't hesitate to send me an email.