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Can you learn a language quickly?

The short answer is... no!

As with anything worthwhile, time, efforts, and commitment are required to master a language.

Language learning cannot be rushed. Your brain needs time to not only adapt to a new logical system with its own conjugations, exceptions, and specificities, but also to process, consolidate, and practise every single new language point on a regular basis.

Asking to be fully proficient in a new language in six months is missing the point entirely, because you’re also discovering a new culture, new customs, and places, as you’re reading simplified books, watching series and films, and doing dictations/listening to podcasts.

You’re not just learning a language, you’re embracing a new way to express your ideas, opinions, and feelings.

And for the first time in your life, you’re focusing your attention and efforts equally on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as opposed to burying your nose in your grammar book, as we all did at school. You’re taking charge of your learning, as opposed to passively waiting for language to come to you, which it never does!

It’s a lot to take in and adapt to! Not to mention the fact that you cannot put your entire life on hold in order to learn a language. Why rush the process and risk getting confused or losing motivation?

Why not organise yourself, instead, and create the conditions for a full linguistic immersion in between lessons (without leaving your own country)?

Why not give yourself the best chances to prove yourself that, not only can you speak a language, but you can also have fun in the process?

Don't hesitate to send me your questions.

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