I was born and raised in Paris. I first came to England at the age of seven and fell in love with the language, the culture and the country. By the time I was thirteen, I spoke English fluently and knew the country better than my own, having visited it twice to three times a year, every year, with my family for ten years. From a very early age, languages and literature were my two passions, which led me to do a Postgraduate course on Shakespeare at Glasgow University and a Master of Philosophy at Trinity College, Dublin.


I have been writing fiction in French and English since 2007, penning two novels in English: Not to Hold (2018) and Heading for the Wall (2014) and two novels in French: L’éloge de l’ombre (2011) and Décalé (which I am currently rewriting).


I write accessible literary fiction, weaving in different narratives and viewpoints and exploring themes such as grief, loss, projection, manipulation and deceit. All my stories contain an element of suspense, without providing all the answers, and raise questions which, I believe, are relevant to our shared human experience.


I worked in publishing and marketing for high-profile companies on both sides of the Channel, such as Pearson Education and the Philharmonia Orchestra. I moved to Cambridge in 2003 to work for Cambridge University Press and, after that, I ran an independent publishing company for three years. I have been working as a freelance editor, translator and teacher since 2010.


I have twenty years of teaching experience. I teach French, English and Italian to adult students of all levels, face-to-face and on Skype. I offer tailored services to companies (English and French). You can listen to Episode 15 of The Creativity for All Podcast: 'The creative approach to language learning', to get a better sense of my teaching method.


I also mentor aspiring writers and I've led six-week creative writing courses and workshops with Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) and the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA). I've been running workshops in central Cambridge and online since early 2020.



I also translate a wide range of texts (articles, newsletters, reports, etc.) from French to English and English to French.


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