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That's all, folks!

Season 3 of The Creativity for All Podcast has concluded with a fabulous conversation with inventor Solveiga Pakštaite, and this feels like the right time for me to put an end to this fabulous - but time-consuming - adventure, in order to focus on my writing.

I've loved meeting such a wide range of guests and exploring creativity in Maths, education, neuroscience, mental health, kindness, marketing, pottery, glass engraving, weaving, willow sculpture, speed painting, photography, acting, directing, and yoga, to name but a few of the topics discussed in the course of three seasons.

And I've loved wrestling with topics, such as, perfectionism (a very popular episode, interestingly), inspiration, failure, instinct, ease, and the pressure to be creative, as well as discovering your take on creativity in my solo episodes.

Never say never! I might be back later on with a whole new range of guests and topics, but for the time being, I'm going to focus on my writing.

Thank you for listening!

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