Episode 6. Being creative together with Dominique Henz

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Today’s guest is Dominique Henz. Dominique studied theatre and film in Germany, Scotland and Australia. She was a director at the Mainz State Theatre, worked for ZDF, the German public-service television broadcaster, for Deutsche Bank, the University of Göttingen, the Max-Planck-Institute and has written a PhD on the Australian movie director, Peter Weir.

In 1994, I saw a beautiful and heartbreaking production of a play by Joshua Sobol entitled Ghetto, directed by Dominique, as part of her third-year project at Glasgow University. She was a student still, but already a fully-formed director, putting together a play in English, aged 22, which included a band singing and performing live.

I chose to invite Dominique on the Creativity for All Podcast, because in the twenty-five years that I’ve known her, she has showed an uncanny ability to use her creativity to not only further her career, but to challenge herself to keep on learning new skills and exploring new fields.

We talk about her desire to understand others, how they work, what their stories are and how communication and interconnectedness are at the core of everything she does. About the role of storytelling, not only in creativity, but in everyday life and about tackling fear and venturing outside of our comfort zone.

Dominique shares her motto and experience of following her intuition and approaching complex or tricky situations creatively. I've always found her courage and creative approach to life inspiring, so I hope you will enjoy her interview.

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The first season of the Creativity for All podcast is an exploration of the origin of creativity. With each guest I interview every two episodes, we discuss what it means to be creative in their daily life, zooming in on the mechanics behind their creativity and debunking myths, wherever possible, to show you that you too can be creative on a daily basis, that you don’t have to be an artist to be creative.

My hope is to show you that creativity is everywhere and to inspire some of you to tap into your own creative potential.The Creativity for All Podcast is sponsored by Blue as an Orange, where we believe in creativity through communication and offer mentoring and coaching for aspiring writers, tailored language tuition for individuals and companies, and editing/translation services.

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