Episode 12. Coming alive through creativity with Shilpa Shah

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Today's guest is Shilpa Shah. Whether it is with her coaching, community building or with her meditation practice, singing and storytelling, creativity is at the core of everything she does.

A community builder and facilitator at heart, Shilpa tells us how she uses her experience, creativity and a focus on what feels good, to help people connect at a deeper level, build relationships, be playful, and open to new ideas. How creativity is an integral part of activism, as is showed with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and how, following a long tradition embraced by social change movements, she used singing as a form of protest, but also of healing, with the singing circle she created.

We also talk about being open to creativity and creating the space to welcome and nourish it. Shilpa describes her creative approach to meditation and how, during lockdown, she ran meditation circles to help people deal with anxiety and loneliness and wrote a short story for children to help them understand the isolation and stress caused by such an extreme situation. She even shares with us, and for the very first time, a beautiful poem she wrote about connecting with nature.

To me, Shilpa is the embodiment of what it means to come alive creatively, so I hope you will enjoy her interview.

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Shilpa's short story:

https://orcaguardians.org/niniti-and-the-storm/ https://youtu.be/mpyPco7j3bM

The Creativity for All podcast is an exploration of the origin of creativity. With each guest I interview every two episodes, we discuss what it means to be creative in their daily life, zooming in on the mechanics behind their creativity and debunking myths, wherever possible, to show you that you too can be creative on a daily basis, that you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. My hope is to show you that creativity is everywhere and to inspire you to tap into your own creative potential.