Episode 4. What happens when we start being creative with Meg Kissack

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The first season of the Creativity for All podcast is an exploration of the origin of creativity.

With each guest I interview every two weeks, we discuss what it means to be creative in their daily life, zooming in on the mechanics behind their creativity and debunking myths, wherever possible, to show you that you too can be creative on a daily basis, that you don’t have to be an artist to be creative.

My hope is to show you that creativity is everywhere and to inspire some of you to tap into your own creative potential.

My guest on episode 4 is Meg Kissack. She’s a coach, writer, podcaster and all-round rebel-rouser for creative and multi-passionate women, who want to do the things only they can do and leave the world a brighter place. She is the founder of That Hummingbird Life, host of The Couragemakers Podcast and The Daily Pep! Podcast. Her motto is: ''Everything changes when you believe you matter''.

I’ve invited Meg because she uses her own creativity to not only encourage others to nourish and sustain theirs, through her podcasts and writing, but also to coach creative women, helping them tap into their unused creative potential.

'We need to be creative thinkers to survive in this world' she says, and rightly so.

Meg has an honest, compassionate and insightful take on what happens when we start being creative. We talk about listening to our intuition, giving ourselves the permission to create, the importance of being curious, the fear of failure and of success, the benchmarks we set for ourselves when it comes to being creative and the creative scars, bruises and boxes we have to navigate in order to embrace our own creativity.

Every interaction I’ve had with Meg has left me inspired, so I hope you will enjoy her interview.

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