Episode 26. A short meditation exercise

Inspired by my previous solo episode, this week I'm moving away from the usual format focusing on a theme, to offer a practical approach to nurturing our creativity, with a short meditation exercise.

I'm not a meditation teacher nor an expert and, like most people, I struggle with meditation. I struggle to keep my mind still, to stay still, and I find overall meditation very challenging.

That said, I know that when I’ve done any form of meditation, even for a couple of minutes only, I already feel better, more grounded, calmer. And I do know that the more I meditate, the better I feel, the better I sleep, the better I function and the more creative energy I have.

So today we’re going to focus on our breath, counting our inbreath and outbreath, letting our nervous system rest and relax, inviting silence in. Needless to say, you can repeat this exercise as and when you need or want to do it. I hope it will bring you a modicum of peace and quiet.

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