Episode 27. *Saving the world* creatively with Dinky Doors

In 2018, out of sight, anonymously, and with a ginormous morsel of trepidation, a mysterious duo took to the streets of Cambridge with an unexpected mission to *SAVE THE WORLD*. It sounds implausible, but they were contacted by an other-worldly being known only as the 'Supreme Leader', who asked them to spread wonder, delight, and a healthy dose of happy, here on planet Earth.

This unfathomable alien entity had noticed that many of the humans were a bit miserable, what with the relentless daily onslaught of terribly-depressing terrible news, and everything. They needed willing accomplices to help them on this mission to cheer up Earth's inhabitants. A crack team who didn't ask too many questions and weren't afraid to drill into concrete they strictly weren't allowed to drill into.

The Supreme Leader was most insistent that they should *SAVE THE WORLD* through the medium of… er… it says here 'dinky little doors'. Which was a bit weird.

Surprisingly small doors. Hidden just out of sight. Made with care, passion, and designed to deliver a perky payload of positivity. To lift your mood, prepare you for the day’s next challenge, and start a chain reaction of optimism that could *SAVE THE WORLD*.

And so Dinky Doors was born. Guerrilla street artists, installing quirky 'fairy' doors under the slightly erratic direction of an unknown Supreme Leader. There are currently 10 'doors' hidden around Cambridge, all unique, all slightly weird, and not really anything like what you might think a fairy door should look like.

Unsurprisingly, Dinky and Doorky – or Team Dinky – have a lot to say about creativity and inspiration in this episode, and they even have news about the Supreme Leader! Now that's a relief...

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You can find out more about their mission to *SAVE THE WORLD* at dinkydoors.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @dinky_doors and Instagram @dinkydoors

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