Episode 23. Solving problems creatively with Alison Grade

Alison Grade has been a professional freelancer all her career and describes her key skill as transforming creative concepts into a business reality. She accomplishes this with the films she produces, the creative entrepreneurs she mentors, small and medium enterprises she advises, and in her book, The Freelance Bible (Penguin).

The minute I came across an article about Alison, I knew I wanted to interview her on the podcast to discuss, not only what it means to embrace a freelancing career, but also the tricky relationship between creativity and business.

Drawing from her academic training, as well as from her experience as an entrepreneur who has established her own businesses and worked at senior level in many media companies, Alison shares her take on creativity as problem-solving. Whether it’s finding solutions and new ideas for enterprises or helping creative entrepreneurs becoming empowered, solving problems is at the core of everything she does.

And at a time when we’re redefining work conditions and productivity, after a year of working from home, I’m sure many of you will find it inspiring to hear her debunk myths about freelancing and describe the joy and excitement of seeing her clients understand their 'why' and own their space, story, and value in the world. So I hope you will enjoy this episode.

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For further details on Alison’s work:

Alison's website


The Creativity for All Podcast explores creativity in all its forms. With each guest I interview every two episodes, we discuss what it means to be creative in their daily life, zooming in on the mechanics behind their creativity and debunking myths, wherever possible, to show you that you too can be creative on a daily basis, that you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. My hope is to show you that creativity is everywhere and to inspire you to tap into your own creative potential.

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